Psyche revived by Cupid’s kiss (1793) by Antonio Canova

kataccolaforever said: WE LOVE YOU TOO EVIE!!!! :)

:)!!! i love you guys! i love my KC family and I always consider you all family! just because I’m enjoying other shows and ships, that doesn’t mean for one second I value my time and friends in KC fandom any less.  I can’t wait for the inevitable crossovers between them so we can all spaz out and fan again together over the otpay.

You can save people’s lives, but you cannot save them from life

Anonymous: i need you to analyze why kate said ~set me free~

I was always under the impression it was Santanico getting into her head and acting through her, through the “dark magic” of the Titty Twister/temple.

Because if you watch the scene you can see she’s completely and totally shocked, frightened, and astounded by doing what she did — almost as if she didn’t have any control over it whatsoever. And then, later on, Santanico kisses Richie during her dance with Kate juxtaposed in the shot directly between them — showing she was the liaison between them before Santanico revealed herself. Richie was also actively searching for Santanico in the scene immediately before— he was asking the dancer to repeat Santanico-phrases.

We’ve seen Santanico can make Richie hallucinate vibrantly, visually and aurally, and pretty much depart common reality. This also happens in the maze to Freddie and Kate.

So I was always pretty much thinking Kate in that instance (and perhaps at other points in the series - during Kate/Richie scenes) was a stand-in for Santanico. I mean it can also be a question of - could Richie really “see” inside people, could he “see” Kate bleeding in the pool, or was Santanico making him see? Or helping him? Did Richie have control of that gift as a metaphor for his intellectual otherness and abilities, or did he only have the illusion of control?

I think Santanico was able to manipulate Kate during the “set me free” scene because she does in fact want to be free — Kate, alone, a young girl thrust into a horrible world without her consent, a girl forced to live by morals she doesn’t necessarily believe in completely (much like the Geckos or Freddie or anyone else in the series). But it’s no wonder Santanico could get into her head so easily, as Santanico experienced the exact same things as girl.

Which leads me to the point that: I hope they play with Santanico and Kate’s similarities and allow them to talk or at least see eye to eye and respect one another, rather than pitting them against each other in the typical age-old misogynistic and boring trope of Madonna vs The Whore, which that scene with her parallel saying “set me free” could EASILY lead to or be taken as, if there was not any other intention in the writing.

Like, I just won’t stand for that it’ll be so infuriating. The potential of that, and the ONLY TWO WOMEN on the show being used as agents of the male characters’ storylines and moral lives, makes me sooo angry. It puts me off from enjoying Kate as a character until I’m sure they won’t go there. But I’m waiting to see what they do!