while mama used to pray my crops would fail
take me to church
eyes find eyes

Zane Holtz in Holes (2003)

why you don't like peter? i think he's a good villain with no redeeming qualities and a show always needs one.
asked by Anonymous

I agree. I just find him disgusting on a visceral level, and I don’t like him. I want him to be run over by a tractor trailer as you should with good villains. Ugh, he’s such a slimy jackass.

But I don’t find him to be all that well-acted or developed, which hampers any appreciation I could find for his villain status.

Take care of little ass-kicker, and Carl. That’s one tough kid.

i n s p

                  the Gecko brothers ride again.

From Dusk Till Dawn Meme: 1/4 characters → Seth Gecko

I don't want an autograph I want a selfie
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sry last night was my transformation night